A World of Flavours

Desserts, liquors, nuts, meats and fishes find their place in the island of La Palma, for the enjoyment of refined and demanding palates.

Our Gastronomy

The two most representative dishes of Canarian gastronomy are the gofio, a powder made of milled cerals, normally consumed as escacho, chicharrones or scalded, and papas arrugadas, boiled with water and salt, and seasoned with mojo and its strong pepper and cumin taste. But the food culture in La Palmas is much wider: you find fishes like cabrillas, grouper, bonito and many other species, cooked on the grill, in casseroles or fried. Pork meat (known as cochino) is islanders' favorite, without forgetting goat meat, kid meat or the traditional liver with red mojo.

All accompanied by the delicious cheeses and wines of our island, and by a confectionary that represents a real treasure thanks to recipes like rapaduras, a sweet made of honey, gofio, sugar, almonds, cinnamon and lemon. It is also worth mentioning traditional recipes like bienmesabe or Príncipe Alberto.


Variety of Flavours

But the restaurants of the island of La Palma not only offer the visitor the richness of our land's stoves, but also a very wide offer of the most varied international cuisine. The dishes from traditional Spanish gastronomy blends seamlessly with proposals that have come from all corners of the world, from Italy to South America, to provide those that visit us with an offer that suits to all tastes and requirements.

Added to the quality of a cuisine based on the good work and on fresh and natural products is the exquisite attention offered by the professionals in the sector, who get most satisfaction from providing the diners the best possible deal with the greatest professionalism.


Restaurants in La Palma

If you want to know the best restaurants to eat in La Palma, you can download our PDF guide, or consult the database with the best establishments of the islands clicking THIS LINK.